Sunday, 10 October 2010

New Mary site

Over a month ago, I asked readers of this blog whether a site holding a complete list of works on Mary would be of interest. The response was really encouraging so I decided it was definitely something to pursue. I’m certainly not computer savvy – hence my use on the rather dependable wordpress! – but I have started work on it.

The site can be found here:

As you can tell, it is nowhere near complete. But I will be uploading information on a regular basis and once I’ve completed the categories, I will organise the site more effectively. I am also including a section on personalities associated with Mary and her reign, with information regarding articles/books on these persons.

I hope this site will be of use to students/Tudor enthusiasts in general. One thing I have found interesting whilst devising the lists, was that certain areas relating to Mary, have barely been touched upon. Categorising the complete bibliography allows us to identify the areas that are need of more attention, along with those that have been of particular interest to scholars over the past decade or so.


  1. I hope that your site will include information on Reginald Pole as Archbishop of Canterbury, as well as on the Marian bishops.

  2. Thank you Matterhorn!

    saucurriculumlib - there will be a section on works on Cardinal Pole, alongside information on other key Marian figures.