Sunday, 21 February 2010

Spot the difference

Top image - Queen Mary I enthroned and flanked by angels. Coram Rege Rolls. 1553 (KB 27/1168/2).

Bottom image - Queen Elizabeth I by unknown artist. Late sixteenth-century/early seventeenth-century. NPG 5175.


  1. do you think Elizabeth's portrait copied Marys? Or does it just illustrates they are sisters so you think? Mary has the angels I assume as she preferred more religious portraits. I watched something the other week and it explained how in Elizabeths era, the focus went away from religious portraits and more onto power and knowledge

  2. Images could be reused. There is a drawing of a design for a royal seal in the British Museum which depicts a queen regnant, crowned and enthroned. It is believed to have originally depicted Mary I but when she died during its completion, it then became Elizabeth. I’ve posted it on my flickr page:

    The features of the sitter were allegedly changed but its notable that the entire image itself was not scrapped and redone.

    Both Elizabeth and Mary wore their hair lose at their coronations in an indication of their virginity. Both were redheads (though Mary appears to have had darker hair), so the depiction of both with fairer hair may be incorrect.

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